Glow in the dark gym is here!

Come one, come all down to the ‘Glow In The Dark’ Open Gym Fri, January 27th, from 7:30 – 9:30.

Our Glow in the Dark Open Gym is a fully structured and highly supervised event which includes gymnastics training as well as games and contests. The evening begins with each student being assigned to one of our large parachutes for our parachute warm up.

Then we group the children by age and rotate to all of the gymnastics apparatus including the trampoline, where they will be supervised and instructed by one of our staff members. Between rotations of gymnastics all of the children will participate in contests which include such games as flag pull and bean bag toss. At 9:00pm each child will receive a glow in the dark band. At 9:05 the lights are turned off and the gym will be illuminated by lasers.


The glow in the dark games will include scooter races and omnikin ball games, as well as turns on our inflatable slide. During all of our games the children will remain in their groups and will be accompanied by a staff member. Our Friday night open gym staff members generally include Mr. Steve, Ms. Michelle, Diane, Cindy with Mr. Ron spinning the dance music from his dj booth!

3 responses to “Glow in the dark gym is here!”

  1. Is the glow in the dark event for anyone or only enrolled students? Also, what is the age range?